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Medical Procedures









SIM Card

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  • Urology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Gynecology
  • Fertility
  • Plastic surgery

  • Oral rehabilitation
  • Periodontics
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Dental Implants

We help you find the best round trip ticket.

SIM card for your mobile device, delivered at your arrival.

  • Airport – Hotel – Airport: Transportation services from Airport to your
    destination hotel, and back to the Airport for your departure.
  • Daily Transportation: Transfer to Medical Center for initial
    assessment, procedure and follow-up appointments.

  • Customized to your medical needs, located near the medical centers
  • Comfortable rooms with everything needed for an optimal recovery

Medical and dental professionals available to provide support before, during and after the required procedure.
Nursing service with experience in postoperative care, to assist you during your recovery:

  • Nurse service per hour
  • Nurse service per day

Garments, special girdles or corsets required for surgery.
Hotel sampling service, in case additional tests are required.

  • Health professional advice on prescribed medication.
  • Service to your door.

Assistance on filling out and submitting paperwork, permits and legal procedures required for surgery.

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